Research and development

Textile Processing Department

  1. Dyeing of cotton fabric with reactive dyes using ecofriendly salts
  2. To improve overall equipment efficiency of textile processing mill.
  3. To reduce per kg processing cost of fabric.
  4. Development of flame retardant PU coated fabrics.
  5. Development of Antibacterial and UV protective cotton fibers/fabrics
  6. Simultaneous dyeing and antibacterial finishing of cotton fabric.
  7. Shade depth optimization of dyed knitted fabric for subsequent silicone softener application.
  8. Development of moisture management finishes and study of their performance,
  9. Combined easy care and water repellent finishing of cotton fabrics
  10. Development of polyester and PC fabrics with improved comfort properties
  11. Cationic dyeable polyester
  12. Wrinkle free finishing of cotton fabric using formaldehyde free cross-linkers.
  13. Study the flame retardant behavior of conventional and environmental friendly flame retardants.
  14. Simultaneous antibacterial and water repellent finishing of cotton.