Tubler fabric tuning department

Our Tubular Knitted Fabrics

Classic hoodie fleece as its popularly known. The outside is a knitted jersey fabric. The inside is a soft brushed feel, great for keeping cosy and lounging in.

How Tubular Fabric is Made

It’s quite a sight to watch the fabric being manufactured. Huge machines are threaded with yarn in multiple uniform points around a circular formation. The arms of the machine take the yarn and weave it in a pre – programmed pattern. Have a look at this you tube video from Pickwell Machinery.

Jersey Tubular Knitted Fabric

Sky blue, Sunflower yellow and Light Green jersey fabric in a tubular formation. This fabric has a great deal of stretch on the horizontal width, so its very useful for leggings, skirts and tight tops.

Wide Stripe Jersey Tubular Fabric

Wide 2 inch stripe fabric in either sky and navy blue or red and black. Both fabrics measure 68 cm across, so that’s 136 cm all round. The stripes run around the horizontal part of the fabric, where the jersey has the fullest stretch.